Why opt for the electric bike rather than the classic bike?

classic bike

Often called electric bicycles, electrically assisted bicycles (VAE) are attracting more and more people with their performance. Ever more ergonomic, VAEs are gradually eclipsing conventional bicycles.

With a good speed performance, they combine efficiency and environmental protection. Why is it imperative to opt for an electric bike today?

In addition to being comfortable, the electric bike guarantees you a speed of up to 25 km/h without much effort. It saves you time in your daily trips by avoiding traffic jams.

Indeed, whether it is public transport or your own car, you are much more prone to wasting time due to traffic jams. But thanks to the cycle paths on the main roads, you can get around easily and effortlessly while saving time thanks to your electric bike.

Wider public for the use of an electric bicycle

Everyone can use the electrically assisted bicycle since it is suitable for 80% of the trips we make on a daily basis. Indeed, several studies have shown that 80% of our trips hardly exceed 10 kilometers per trip.

And half of these is more or less equal to 3 km. In the light of this study, the electric bicycle is the means of transport par excellence. Whether for the young college student, it gives them greater autonomy and a significant saving of time to get to college quickly.

As for adults, in addition to getting to work more quickly, it allows them to do their small errands with complete flexibility. Electric bikes are also very suitable for seniors. It is an excellent means of walking and it allows by the action of pedaling to do physical activity without too much effort.

What are the advantages of the electric bike?

In addition to being a perfectly flexible means of transport, the electric bicycle combines a certain number of advantages compared to the conventional bicycle.

You can use your pedelec to get to work with peace of mind. Also, if you are fleeing traffic jams, this type of bike is your best ally. You agree with us that it is unpleasant to arrive at work in the morning in a sweat. This is what saves you the electric bike.

For sports essentials, the electric bike does not take away the pleasure of working your muscles. Indeed, the electric motor of the bike only starts when you stop pedaling. So, although electric, it still remains a sports instrument par excellence.

The electric bike is very economical. If you use it to get to work daily you will realize significant savings. Indeed, transport by car costs 0.08 euro per kilometer in investment for fuel. Compared to the electric bicycle which costs only 0.001 euro in electricity per kilometer travelled.

What budget for an electric bike?

The cost of electric bikes varies depending on their quality. For a budget of €1,000, you can acquire a quality bike with average power. They are best for occasional use.

With a budget of €2,500, you will have a very good VAE equipped with a high-performance motor, a quality frame and a lithium battery. In addition, they will be easily rechargeable with a secure braking system. They are suitable for intensive use.

For a budget of $4,000 and beyond, you’ll have e-bikes that stand out from the crowd. They feature the latest designs, greater autonomy and motorization suitable for all types of use. These are the best e-bikes because they are made for all kinds of terrain and can work even when carrying heavy weights.

What are the best brands?

The brands of electrically assisted bicycles are very varied. But each brand is distinguished by its specificities. So, if you prefer electric hybrid bikes, you will be satisfied with the French manufacturer Mustache Bikes. As for touring and trekking electric bikes, the German bike manufacturer Kalkoff is the most suitable.

Thanks to its collaboration with the engine manufacturer Bosch Ebike, Mustache Bikes manufactures quality electrically assisted bicycles. Its bikes feature powerful, premium batteries and an aerospace aluminum frame known for its strength.

Today, Mustache Bikes has more than 50 models of electrically assisted bicycles. Among them, there are both models suitable for the city and those that can climb the toughest terrain.

The German manufacturer Kalkoff is a heavyweight on the e-bike market in Europe. Thanks to its quality products, the brand reflects the image of safety, comfort and durability. Specialized in city and touring e-bikes, Kalkoff has teamed up with equipment manufacturers such as Bosch, Shimano, Panasonic for state-of-the-art motors.

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