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Cars at the Best Price

Many professionals offer the car buyback service, but few offer good prices. However, do not be discouraged if you are looking for the best offer for the buyback of your vehicle, because we have sorted out a few inexpensive car buyback sites for you. Here are 5 buy-back services that will help you make the most of your car sale.


With nearly 61 agencies in France, auto-easy is one of the leading local car buy-back networks. It includes all categories of vehicles (electric car, diesel, gasoline, without a licence, etc.) provided that the car on sale is less than 15 years old and has not logged more than 200,000 kilometres.

His redemption prices are estimated from the Argus coast on which he deducts professional fees worth 15 to 20%.

Auto-easy provides its customers with advantageous services. This because he takes back the cars without requiring a valid technical inspection of – 6 years, often requested by individuals. It also exempts you from the inherent administrative formalities (gray card, declaration of transfer, etc.), as they are completed by your adviser.

The site is known for its used car trade-in services at the best price and for its transactional speed. You can benefit from its free and immediate estimates. In addition to its improved offer, it provides sellers with a towing service for bodies that are not roadworthy.

Car cash buyback

This professional buys your cars back in 24 hours. Its experts offer a competitive price that defies other prices in the market. A rating tool is available to you to estimate the price of your car yourself in a minute if you wish. The site accepts any type of second-hand car (motorhome, MPV, 4×4 / SUV, company vehicle, station wagon, convertible, sedan, city car, etc.) and does not require a technical inspection.

This online service buys back second-hand cars at high prices. On the site, you will find the list of the most sought-after second-hand cars in France (Renault Clio, Peugeot 206, Renault Mégane, Citroën C3, Volkswagen Golf, etc.). However, regardless of the age, condition or model of your vehicle, it will be accepted.

trades in a vehicle in 3 steps. You must first estimate the value of your 4-wheeled machine using a valuation tool which defines the price in reference to that of the market.

After this step, experts determine the final selling price of your car by evaluating all the information provided when calculating the price. Finally, you will make a sales appointment if the price is right for you.

My Car Cash

The redemption price offered on this site is reliable, advantageous and varies according to the age and mileage of your vehicle. It is estimated free of charge and without obligation. The professional exempts you from any administrative constraints such as a declaration to the prefecture.

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