How to replace a car centralization motor?

centralization motor

When you have a car that is getting old, closing and opening the doors may suddenly become more complicated. This happens especially when you have a centralized system which has become very common today, but that does not mean that there is a single centralization engine for the whole vehicle. Indeed, the centralization motors are generally placed at each door, this is why if there is one which is defective, it will only be the door concerned which will be affected. But how do you go about replacing it?

First step: find the corresponding centralization engine

If the centralization motor of a door or the trunk is faulty, you will quickly be bothered since when closing the vehicle, the affected element will remain in the open position. You will then have to either close it manually if possible, or hope that a thief does not break into your vehicle. Fortunately for us, this kind of failure is quite easy to detect since each motor controls a door.

However, not all centralization motors have an identical shape: you will have to take note of the location of the faulty motor (left front door, right rear door, etc.) and do a search according to the model of your vehicle. and its year. Prices generally vary from 15 to 50€. It’s good, did you find it? So let’s move on to replacement!

Second step: replacing the centralization motor

For this second step, we will only give you general instructions since when you replace the centralization of your car , the easiest way is to follow the instructions which you will find in the manufacturer’s manual for your vehicle. Already, you will need to be equipped since it is necessary to have a Phillips screwdriver, a stripping lever, an electrician’s screwdriver, a torx screwdriver and a multi-grip pliers.

The first thing to do is stripping the door (if it concerns a door of course). For this, you will need the electrician’s screwdriver to remove the covers and the torx screwdriver to remove the screws. At the end, you will need to remove the sealing film and we recommend that you take it easy. Then, dismantling the centralization motor does not generally pose a problem since all you have to do is unscrew the screws using your Phillips screwdriver. It is not always easy to unhook on the other hand, follow the indications of the notice.

Finally, you will only have to mount the new motor, remembering to plug it in, then you will have to replace the sealing film and the screws/covers on your door.

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